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Welcome to The Cabins at Currier Landing! You are now nestled along the wildflowered banks of the beautiful Benjamin River Harbor, where our cabins offer a perfect retreat for mind and body.

The Cabins at Currier Landing, featured in Dwell magazine as “Three Magical Tiny Cabins Take Root in a Maine Forest,” are located on the Thos. Currier Saltwater Farm. Our shore is tucked into the Benjamin River Harbor just around the bend from the Eggemoggin Reach which opens at either end to the ocean, and provides excellent sailing opportunities.

Glimpses of water & access to 300’ of the Benjamin River Harbor shore. 2 seasonal cabins; 1 studio cabin.

Centrally located on the Blue Hill Peninsula near Deer Isle, the cabins offer access to outdoor activities, cultural events, restaurants & shops.


Cabin 1: Fern
3 Guests
1 Bedroom • 2 Beds • 1 Bath
Cabin 2: Meadow

4 Guests
2 Bedroom • 3 Beds • 1 Bath
Cabin 3: Pine

2 Guests
Studio • 1 Beds • 1 Bath



Bouffard & Bowick draw inspiration from traditional boatbuilders to create a set of rentable retreats in the coastal town of Sedgwick.

Bill and David worked closely with area timber framer Jon Ellsworth, of Carding Brook Farm in nearby Brooklin, to construct the cabins’ heavy post-and-beam frames. Ellsworth fashioned handmade scale models before finalizing plans, and then, like the pine tree state’s historic boatbuilders, milled logs for the project from his own woodlot.

Working in tandem with the land’s sloping topography, David and Bill designed the approach to each structure to inspire the feeling of boarding a docked sea vessel. "Ramps lead up, like gangplanks going into a boat, and the decks are like bridges made of western red cedar," says Bill. Full-height walls and curved viewports provide moments of privacy and openness for the decks outside each cabin’s entrance.

After months of construction, Bill and David now offer short-term renters the choice of three contemporary micro-buildings to rest their heads. "The Pine cabin is a stick-built structure, made from two-by-fours with insulation for year-round use," Bill says of the 420-square-foot building. Fern and Meadow, both seasonal timber-framed structures, offer a few additional beds and a bit more space.

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